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Any computer can get deteriorated after months or years of usage. When you first observe the degradation, you might see it with the sluggishness of the system. This can happen due to:

• The number of applications installed

• The number viruses and other infections that might be harboring the computer

• Absolute HDD corruption due to one reason or the other

In the case of Lenovo Thinkpad, the case of software degradation comes with an added flavor of system crash. To that end, you might just wish to restore the system to its glory days. Days when there was no system crash, no system freeze, no processing lethargy.

Fortunately you can have those days back, though the method of system recovery. This process has an essence of finality to it but considering the state of your hardware, this might be the most optimal choice.

Lenovo support Australia presents to you the way to restore your Thinkpad to its previous state

To be succinct, the entire process involves the factory reset of the computer via dealing with the BIOOPS settings. The process is rather easy one, the only catch being all your data will be kaput (more like completely erased). Therefore, before you begin with this rather drastic measure, you must first make sure that there is no relevant data still in the system. If it is, you should back them in the external hard drive. Once you have backed up the data, follow the following to get perform the restoration:

• Either restart or turn on your system (depending on the current state). Once the device starts, swiftly press upon the “Del” key to go into the service partition. If you have misses the chance, restart your PC again (or let it crash and restart, depending on the software damage)

• On the partition main menu, select the “Full Recovery” option. After that, just follow the self explanatory onscreen instructions and allow the recovery process to finish. Ideally, it should not take more than 30 minutes.

• The recovery process will completely reset the system, relieving it from all the applications, and updates as well.

• Reinstall the applications and the updates. Also, copy the backed up data back into the hardware.

• Your Thinkpad is now in its original, error free state

The data you have backed up might have some infections. Therefore, you must take our advice by contacting our experts through the toll-free Lenovo Support Number Australia 1-800-752-629. Our experts will assist during this entire reformatting process. Once you have the proper guidance, you won’t only have your complete data, but an error free system as well.

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