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Lenovo had built a high-technological machine which can perform numerous tasks. No matter if you are a college student or an entrepreneur this is for one-n-all. In the case, if you are facing any issue related to hard drive, or your system frequently gets a hang. It may require the reformatting. This will reduce the problem of the system and use can use it freely. Reformatting gives the new start to the system. The windows don’t allow the user to format the disc, which you are currently using. It means you are not able to reformat the hard drive while the window is in a working phase. So first you need to close all the windows.

The experts’ team of Lenovo Support intricate the steps to remove all the data from the laptop.

These are some steps:-

• Put the Windows installation CD on the laptop and choose to restart the system.

• Choose the key as you see the message “Press any key to boot from the CD. This will make the windows installation process start.

• Now you will get some pop-notifications, here you have to answers some messages. Keep on doing until you will get “Where do you want to install Windows? On your monitor.

• Choose the “Driver options” (Advanced) link, this you will find by the “Next” button.

• Choose the particular partition which you want to remove, and then choose the “Delete” link. Make it confirm when it is asked for to wait for the partition to get removes it completely. Then make it continue. The user needs to repeat the same process as many times as many partitions you want to remove.

• Choose the partition and make it format by the advance setting menu.

• The user can select the “Quick Format” by “NTFS” as the format of the file. Choose the “Ok” option. Now, you can also choose it with the windows reinstallation and the exit process. Remember that a computer without the operating system will not work beyond the basic startup process.

These are some basic steps to remove the data completely. In the case of trouble, you can directly contact the experts’ team of Lenovo Helpline Number Australia by dialing the given toll-free no.1-800-752-629 here you get one stop solution for all the queries.

Original Source: How To Reformat The Lenovo Laptop?

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