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When you don’t use your laptop for many days and it is kept uncovered, then it’s obvious that some dust will set on it. Who would like to work with dust accumulated keyboard? It will be very irritating task. It is generally observed that users easily clean the top of the keys on the keyboard but fails to clean the space between them. If a liquid is spilled onto it, then it becomes risky as the results may lead to failure of the keyboard.
Here, in this blog, you will learn how you can carefully clean the keypad. For additional help, visit Lenovo Support helpdesk. Follow the below instructions to start the cleaning process:

• Firstly, power off your laptop to prevent any other damage.
• If you have any trash bag, keep it underneath the keyboard of the computer after unplugging it, in case it is a desktop model.
• Turn the keypad upside down to remove extra dust and lightly press these buttons to remove any loose dust present on it.
• Using a computer vacuum cleaner or a can filled with compressed air to clean the space between buttons. Such or blow out the dirt from the keypad.
• If you have alcohol at your home then use 1 tablespoon of alcohol on a soft piece of cloth and then wipe the corners of the keypad.
• Be careful and do not pour the liquor directly onto the buttons.
• You can also use a cotton ball to clean it by applying light pressure.
• Repeat this until you find it cleaned from every corner. Leave it untouched for few minutes to dry it completely and then you can use it.

In case of additional help, contact us on our toll-free Lenovo Support Phone Number 1-800-921-376 and discuss the issues related to your laptop. We promise to help you under minor to major complicated issues. Don’t delay and get in touch with us shortly.

Original Source: Learn How To Clean A Keyboard Gently Via Lenovo Technical Support

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